EAN Bar Codes

Ingredients sheet (European Regulation N° 648/2004)

Quality and certifications

No cliché, no ready-made phrases. Relevi knows very well that words are not enough, quality shall be proven. The choice of each raw material is subject to a strict and constant control. A thoughtlessness from this point of view would result in poor-quality products: for this reason, the aim shall always be to deliver best quality products to our customers.

We work according to specifications being drawn up by our company and subject to approval by our customers. But quality shall not only cover products, it has also to consider Relevi's financial and commercial sphere. The quality of each corporate mechanism results in the quality of the whole corporate system, therefore, every single error will jeopardize the whole corporate policy.

RELEVI is in possession of a quality management system certified ISO 9001 since 1997 and of the certification IFS Household and Personal Care Products to ensure the quality, safety and compliance with the legal aspects of their products.
Relevi also joined, in 2008, to the program AISE Charter for Sustainable Cleaning, a system that helps to protect the people health and safety and the environment for future generations, in order to pursue a continuous improvement in terms of sustainability.

ISO 9001

Quality Management System Certified
since 1997


Charter for Sustainable Cleaning (2008)