EAN Bar Codes

Ingredients sheet (European Regulation N° 648/2004)


The conditions in working environments determine the level of safety condition our personnel works in, moreover, the values we can offer our customers, the end customer satisfaction, as well as a proper integration of our enterprise into the territory the latter is located in, also depend upon such conditions. In Relevi's opinion, safety is a basic factor to be considered and respected as provided for by the law.

Flexibility is a constant element of our daily activity, in order Relevi's production system to become a highly flexible structure: for this reason, we have decided directly to manufacture every part our end product consists of, in order to achieve the highest degree of autonomy in terms of choice and effectiveness and be in a position to meet even the most demanding customer needs.

Relevi allows customers to become aware of each striking element belonging to both production and operativeness. Relevi offers its customers access to sensitive personal information, for instance regarding emissions control, anti pollution systems and adoption of environmental impact measures.

Code of Ethics
Relevi places special emphasis on the promotion and growth of ethical principles in conducting in its business.
Its consideration for ethical conduct has led to the preparation of this Code of Ethics, a set of principles and guidelines intended to inspire the conduct of employees as well as all persons and entities with whom and with which the Company comes into contact, with the purpose of ensuring that ethical conduct accompanies the Company's efficiency and reliability in doing business.

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